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Happy Birthday Wishes for Father

birthday wishes for father

Father is a girl’s first love, always protective and supportive of her. He is the best friend of his son. Father is probably the only person in the world who wants his children to be more successful than him. He sacrifices his days and nights, through sweat and sorrow, through pain and problems just to make sure his children feel comfortable and happy. We owe alot to our father. If we look through his stonecold heart, we see how fragile and loving he is. This post is dedicated to all the fathers out there who’re struggling for their kids without any complaining. Thank you. This article has a list of birthday wishes for father in english.

We hope that you use these birthday wishes for father to congratulate your father on this big day.

This article includes birthday wishes for father from daughter as well as birthday wishes for father from son.  These father birthday quotes will surely make his day and put a smile on his face and also includes funny birthday wishes for father if you wanna make him laugh. So lets get down to it then.

Birthday wishes for father

Your presence gives me support dad; you are my strength; I cannot imagine my success without your guidance. HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Happy birthday to the man who always inspires and encourages me whenever I do wrong, you guide me. You never said, but I know you love me.

Sun is hot, the moon is cold, happy birthday my dear father, may you never get old, you are my strength; you are my hope; I know deep down your love is gold.

I have a father who never buys a thing just because to fulfill our needs, he never shows tiredness. When we asked to play. We are blessed to have a father like you, happy birthday.

Sometimes you are sweet like grapes and sometimes you bitter like a guard, but I love you in every mood dad. Happy birthday.

Your advice always helps me to get the right in every walk of life, father you are my mentor love you to the moon. Happy birthday.

I wish I never disappoint you; I always wish to become like you, take the responsibility like you, and become a good person likes you, happy birthday dad.

You show us your powerful side always, but I know your soft side that you always hide from us. You are my support, dad. I love you. Happy birthday.

I wish a happy birthday to the person is precious to me. Your love and affection can never replace by anything. You are my world’s best father.

Happy birthday to the person who always being there to help us. We saw no difficulty in life because of my dad. You are my superhero.

May God shower his love, care, and blessings upon you as you shower your love and care for me. Have a great birthday DAD!

Happy birthday to the man who fought with the entire world, who protects us from every hardship. You are my first love and inspiration, dad.

Thank you, dad, to be a loving father I feel so lucky to have a father like you. Your love is undefined. Have a blast birthday.

Happy birthday to the wise person of our family. Your decision and advice always help and protect our family. You are incredible.

I never give up and do hard work in every field of life because you always taught me never to give up in life and stay focused and become successful. Happy birthday, father.

May this year will be a fantastic year for you, God blessed you with all the things you deserve. Happy birthday, my spectacular dad.

Maybe I never told you before that, you always have a special place and respect in my heart. You are an amazing father. Happy birthday.

As time passes, I come to realize how lucky I am to have a father like you, whose priority always his family.

Father, I can never express the amount of love and respect I have for you but remember you are my Rockstar have a great birthday ahead.

Sometimes your love is unpredictable, you are the best father. Wishing you a grand birthday celebration.

Father, you are my hero and I always dream to become like you. On this special day, I wish you may have many years more.

You hide your sorrow; you hide your tears and pain, but it always reflects through your eyes. Your powerful personality never allows you to express, but deep down I know. Cheers to my strong father!

Wishing a blessed birthday to my tree who gives us fruits, shades and protects us during rainy days. I Love you. You are my champion.

Every kid has a dream to play and enjoy with his father, share each and everything with his father. That is why I am lucky to have you. Have a great birthday father.

You love me, I love you, but the problem who loves more? Well, I am sure your love always greater than mine. Happy birthday, my wonderful father.

No matter where I live, where I go, what I do, you advise and guidance always with me to keep me on the right track. Thank you, father, to show me the world. Happy birthday.

It is your special day, now you are a year older, but you are a superman in my eyes, you can do whatever you want and I always want to be your arm. Happy birthday, superman.

Happy birthday to the father who taught me more about the world and its hardship. He taught me how to deal with issues and make me a powerful person.

Happy birthday to a sophisticated and wise man. Whose life is full of experience and adventure. I always seek help from you. You are a true adviser.

No gift and words can show my love and respect towards you. You are my pride and strength. Let us celebrate your birthday as a big day. Happy birthday!

I always learn many things and practice of life whenever I spend time with you. Your presence is precious to me. May God give you many more with a healthy life. Happy birthday, father!

Your arrogance, your care, your smile, your laughter fills the colors in my life. Dad, you are my life, and I cannot imagine success without you. Happy birthday!

In childhood you angry with me for my silly act, but now I realize the thought behind your anger, I am very thankful to the person who guides me and keeps me on the right path. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to my pride and joy of life. You always there whenever I called you, my rock star I like you. Have a blast birthday father.

Sun loves the moon, moon loves star, today I want to say, you are my Rockstar. Happy birthday, father.

One thing I want to say today as you got older you are becoming a precious, special, and amazing father. Happy birthday!

Whether I need advice and money, you always fulfill my needs. You are a wonderful and caring person I love you, dad. Happy birthday!

Dad, it is time to celebrate your birthday; it is time to celebrate your love and affection. Let us celebrate and makes your birthday as wonderful as you are. Happy birthday.

You filled my childhood with lots of colors and makes my childhood memories unforgettable. Today I want to make your birthday unforgettable dad. May you many more.

My father, I cannot express to you how much I love and care for you but remember I love you unconditionally. Happy birthday, father.

You always encourage and support me. May God fill your life with joy and happiness. I always want you to smile in every walk of life. Happy birthday, father.

Because of your support and encouragement, I got success. Without you, I am nothing, father. Your birthday always a very special day for me. Happy birthday!

You always make me feel protected with your love and care. Now I want to make you feel the same. You deserve a lot of respect and care, father. Have a blessed birthday!

I never need a best friend in my life because you always be my best friend. Thank you, father your love is unconditional. Happy birthday, my best friend.

Happy birthday to the world’s most handsome father. Your love and kindness made me believe that true love exists in this world. You are my strength, father.

Happy birthday to an amazing dad, I wish I become a dad like you. You are my inspiration and motivation. Thanks for being there.

May you have millions of happiness and joys and never be a witness of sorrow and pain. I am proud to be your daughter. Happy birthday, father.

Thank you for always supporting me. Father, when I could not believe in me, you believe me. Please take care of your health as your life is very important for us. Many returns of the day.

It is your 61 birthdays but believes me you still have an energy like 30. You are my superhero dad loves you lots happy 61 birthday let us rock!

I am thankful to God who gave me a father like you. You always keep us out of trouble and look after us like a mother. Happy birthday, a genuine heart.

God gives you wisdom, and leadership quality dad that is why you always keep us on the right track and give us useful advice. Lucky to have your happy birthday.

As you are getting older my love is also increasing day by day love you more now happy birthday my oldy. Thanks for your support and prayers.

I always see myself in you because I always want to be like you, you are my inspiration, mentor, friend, and luckily dad. Happy birthday, father.

You are the one who told me you can do it, keep it up, nothing is impossible for you, and see I am here, thank you champ to believe in me happy birthday.

On your birthday, I want to confess you are the only person behind my struggle. Your words encourage me to work hard and achieve my goal. Thank you, father, happy birthday.

May this year of your life will be filled with more happiness, love, and peace of mind, happy birthday father has a blessed day.

Distance does not apart from us as our heart relates to each other, I wish I could be there and celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday!

Great peoples deserve a great birthday, I wish you have a fantastic, blast birthday. May God keep you joyful. Happy birthday, father!

I confidently say that you are a Perfect dad. I glad I spend my childhood with a person who never disappoints us. You are my hero. Happy birthday, father!

I am not a perfect daughter, but I surely say that you are a perfect father, you are my first support and strong pillar who never let me down. Happy birthday, man!

Emotional happy birthday wishes for father

I will always support and love you like you love and support me. Have a lovely day. Happy birthday.

I am fortunate to have such a caring and responsible father like you, you are my inspiration. You will always have a special place in my heart.

Father, I do respect and care for you with all the love in my heart because you are the most terrific man in my life. Happy birthday.

Father, my love will never stop growing for you because you lie at the heart of my happiness. I will be grateful for all efforts you have done for me.

Today is the most wonderful day of the entire year because it is the birthday of my great father. Who tributes his entire life to us. You are a genuine man. Happy birthday.

Words are not enough to express my feeling to you for all the things and care you have done for me throughout my life. Let us celebrate this special day. Happy birthday.

Having you is the most important piece of luck. You will forever have the most important place in my heart, I love you. Have a fabulous birthday.

You know I always forgot the birthday of everyone, but I cannot forget your birthday because you are special, you are life. Happy birthday, father.

I can do anything to bring a smile on your face dad because your happiness is my happiness, your satisfaction is my satisfaction. Love you lots, happy birthday.

Happy birthday, dear Dad! You are an amazing father and have a genuine heart. May God bless you with boundless happiness and joy. Have a great day.

When we go for shopping you do lots of shopping for us but buy nothing for you always say I have enough stuff. Dad, you know what your heart is so big. Happy birthday and a salute to the most caring dad.

Dad, you are my superhero. You give me the confidence to fight and teach me how to cross over the obstacle of life. I am here just because of you. Happy birthday to a perfect father.

Happy birthday to the person who always has concerned about the happiness of his child. We feel so lucky to have a father like you in our lives.

Father, you are not an ordinary blessing for me, your love is unconditional, and I always want to be a good daughter. May God bless you with long life and good health. Have a wonderful birthday.

It is a saying that love you take is the love you make. Father your all family love you abandon that is because you gave us genuine love in our entire life. Happy birthday, father.

I wish I could tell your importance in my life. Your presence is a precious gift of God in my life. Happy birthday to a wonderful father.

Whenever I see your acts and character, I realize it is more to achieve to be like you. Dad: you are my inspiration. Happy birthday, dad.

I want to make this birthday more special as you are special to us. May this birthday bring lots of joy and colors in your life. Have a tremendous birthday.

Whenever I had stuck in my life, I never worried because I know you are there to help me. You are a power full dad of mine. Happy birthday, my strength!

Happy birthday to the most amazing dad in the world. Your love is unpredictable and true. You deserve respect and care. You are my pride, father.


Funny happy birthday wishes for father

Happy birthday to the person who always behaves like a child when gets ill… have a good day buddy, love you.

I never get point why are you so afraid to the doctors, or you afraid to get injection… just a joke. Happy to you. Have a great birthday, dad.

You always annoyed mom with your sugar craving, please stop it, mom knows better… just kidding dad happy birthday.

you become younger at your 62 birthdays. Mom’s friend told me, do not get serious, it is a joke… well, happy birthday to my handsome.

Happy birthday dad and I want a return gift, please keep your wallet open for me today and let me enjoy your birthday.

Mom told her friend she has four kids, what are you thinking? You are one of them. Seriously, ask mom. Happy birthday, dad!

You know what you have no patience I have seen that when you were sitting in front of a cake. Same here, happy birthday dad!

Happy birthday to the craziest person of our family, I saw you when you are searching remote of T.V. well I hide that…

Happy birthday, old man, you have got another year to scold on me… just kidding, may you have many more.

Happy birthday to the person who does not spend one day without having dessert in dinner, please avoid otherwise your remaining teeth will run away…

happy birthday to the person who always messes the kitchen while cooking, well your dishes are outstanding sometimes just kidding dad, have a great day ahead.

It is your birthday, so what are you cooking today? Today you will give us a treat right, let us celebrate your birthday with your dish… because I do not have money.

Happy birthday, dad today, I come here just to ask about my pocket money? It is your big day… just kidding dad love you lots.

Happy birthday dad and thanks for giving me your eye color gene I look more handsome than you… have a fabulous birthday.

You got another year… you know what that means, another year of my pocket money increment! Happy birthday loves you.

Happy birthday, my sweet lawyer, I love the way; you support me in front of mom. Have a wonderful birthday.

I got to know that you got more gray hair on this birthday, but you look handsome in that happy birthday handsome father!

Happy Independence Day dad, why?  Because today moms allow you to eat chocolates, cake, and dessert. Have a great birthday!

Happy birthday to my world bank! Another year and I am so excited to empty your bank account! Have a blast birthday father.

I dislike that person who says you are evergreen. Seriously, he makes fun of you… kidding; you are my hero happy birthday dad!


Happy birthday wishes for aged father


Today I promise to you dad that I will take care of you like you take care of me in my childhood happy birthday father.

Life is getting busier day by day, but your time will be your dad. I get to relax after seeing your face; you are my life. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to the person who serves his entire life to his family and never compromises on it… heartily wishes for you. May you have a long life.

I wish I could give you all the care and love that you gave us in life, but I cannot as perfect as you. Happy birthday to an amazing father.

Happy birthday father I know you are getting old, but your heart is still young. May you have many, many more. Love and respect for you.

On this blessed day, I want to say please take care of your health. Your life is so important to us. Have a beautiful and fantastic birthday!

Father, you are the roots of our family; you help us stand firm and united. You give us the confidence to grow. May God bless you even more… happy birthday!

You are the hope of our family, we cannot imagine our lives without you. Thank you for everything, dad. I love you. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to the most important pillar of my life. I stand today just because of you. Man, your support and guidance allowed me to get successful.

I always need your advice even at this age because your advice is your experience. I am thankful to you, my amazing father. Happy birthday,

Happy birthday to the person who sacrifices many things to fulfill the need of his family now it is my turn to keep you happy. A Happy birthday, father!

Like you look after and love me in my childhood, now I want to do it for you I know I am not as good as you, but I will keep trying. Happy birthday!

Your love and support are my strength, father, you are still powerful in this age. I always get inspiration from you. Happy birthday, my superstar!

You are growing older, but your wisdom is increasing day by day. I am happy you are getting other years of sharing your wisdom. Have a great birthday!

you are a senior citizen now, but you become more sophisticated and adorable. Have a wonderful day enjoy your birthday!

Happy birthday to my adviser, crime partner, and a fun-loving dad. You get old, but your humor is more polished now. Have a great day bestie!

Happy birthday to the wonderful member of our family. Father, our family is incomplete without you. We love and respect you.

Who I am because of your words father, you are my mentor, have a fabulous birthday oldie?

Happy birthday, dad! Let us cherish every moment that we spend together and thanks for having patience with me. Love you always.

You are the hope of our family, still, you have the courage to stand for us. You are our superman. Have a blast birthday dad!

Happy birthday wishes for father from son /

Happy birthday wishes for father from daughter

Happy birthday to the king of love, you are my genuine hero your daughter loves you lots. Enjoy this blissful day.

Happy birthday, papa, you are the person who told me what is right for me and now I realize you understand me very well. A big thank you from your son.

Heartily wishes to the heart of the family. Your presence and sacrifice make us alive. Loves from your daughter, have a wonderful birthday!

Love happens, and I got my love in the form of the most amazing dad. Dad, you are the first love of your daughter. Happy birthday!

When things get complicated in life, you always there to make it a simple, cheerful birthday father. You are fabulous.

I do not get upset when I have an issue, I told you and my problem vanish. You are such a magician dad. Have a great day, happy birthday.

You are a wonderful father you guide us and let us take our decision and learn from our mistakes. Happy birthday, dad!

You always allow us to discover the world and make our decision. But you never neglect us. Happy birthday to an incredible father.

Father, you direct us on the way where we always get success and growth. You are such a wise man. Happy birthday to you.

I always love you till the end of my life. Your love is precious, I want to say today you take dadding to the top level.

This message is for the most adorable dad there; remember I love you with the core of my heart. Happy birthday!

May this birthday will bring lots of happiness and special moments in your life that you never forget, happy birthday dad!

Happy birthday my prince may this year be the greatest in your life. You are a tremendous father.

Your love is like a sun who burns itself and gives us light, you are the best adviser in my life. Celebrate your birthday with lots of colors.

I am overwhelmed to have a father like you who always protects me like a superhero. You are an amazing father. Happy birthday!

I respect and admire you; you are my everything dad, may God give you a long life. Happy birthday!

You are my role model and I always want to copy you. Let us celebrate this blissful day together. Love you, dad.

I love the way you fulfill your responsibilities and never get tired to do so. You are a powerful dad. Happy birthday!

You are my incredible father who done everything like magic. I do not understand how you do it? Cheerful birthday dad!

I never mind if you will get me on holiday this year after all you get another year, dad. Let us rock on this birthday. Happy birthday.

I am so grateful to God for being your son. I wish you more happiness and good health. God, keep you secure and safe. delighted birthday.

You compromise throughout your life for us dad. Today is your birthday! Do all the things you love. Have a beautiful birthday.

Smile big and laugh loud father because it is your day. You deserve all the happiness of the world. You are my champion dad. delighted birthday!

May this year bring all that your heart desire, as you work hard to fulfill our desires and need. You are my rock star father. Cheerful birthday to you.

I wish you masses of love and happiness this year; may god turn all your dreams you are my first-choice dad. Happy birthday.

The celebration will not cease in your life father because God likes those who help others, and I am a witness of your helping hand to others. You are my inspiration, dad. Have a great birthday.

Father, sometimes we got stuck in routine life and do not have time for the things which make us happy. So, I ask you to make a resolution and start this new year with some excitement. Upbeat birthday!

Upbeat birthday to you, as I have little to say, but I am nothing without you. You are my strength, dad.

Dad, you not only give me life, but you are the person who fills color and fragrance in my life. Thank you so much for everything. Cheerful birthday!

I wish your birthday will be as amazing as you are father, distance does not matter my prayers and love always with you, father. Upbeat birthday.

Cheerful birthday to the father who continually being there whenever I need you. You have a genuine heart, love you.

Upbeat birthday to the best father out there! I remember your cooking, let us cook your favorite dishes on this blissful day. Have a great day ahead.

Glad birthday to the person who encourages me and never let me alone in my hardship you are a genuine father. I have lots of respect for you in heart, which I could not express in words.

You are getting old it does not mean you will not give us a treat. Let us have a party, dad. Upbeat birthday to my oldie!

Dad when you dance you look so funny, but I love the way you do it. On this special day, we will dance together and rock the party. Cheerful birthday buddy!

I know we do not have similar qualities, but still, you are my role model; you live in the core of my heart, dad. Glad birthday to you.

I am so thankful father for all your piggyback rides, ice creams, and chocolate you bought for me. These small things that you have done to make you a magnificent father. Upbeat birthday to you!

Your love is like a coconut, hard from outside and soft from inside. Your commitments to family make you an astonished father. Cheerful birthday!

It takes a wonderful, loving, and caring father to raise a genuine heart child. Your action directs us on the right track. Happy birthday!

D is for determination, A is for admiring, D is for devoted. These all words belong to you DAD. Happy birthday to an astonishing father.

Your love for the family always admires me, you are the hope of the family. I always want to be like you. cheerful birthday dad!

I feel so proud when you say he is my champion, father I was not a champion, but your words made me. Have a blissful birthday!

I love your desert it is out of this world; can you make it again on your birthday? Happy birthday to my master chef.

Life took many trials, but you never made us feel any hard time. Your support and guidance always help us happy birthday father!

I do not have any idea what to say, but I adore your father, happy birthday to you.

Love and respect towards you are increasing day by day because you deserve loved and respect! God blessed you, dad. Upbeat birthday.

God gave me a precious gift by giving you. I am proud to be your daughter. You made my life simple and cheerful. Glad birthday,

Who needs cooking when I have a father like you, you always cook well in the mother’s absence. Love you a lot. Have a great day birthday boy!

Happy born day! I promised today to makes you happy, thanks for your love and care. You are a fabulous dad.

I can imagine life without oxygen, but I cannot imagine life without you dad. You are my oxygen. Happy born day!

There is no one else who guides me better, gives me good advice, and removes an obstacle from my way. You are my hero, dad! Happy birthday,

Happy birthday to the most handsome man, may you have a joyous birthday. Celebrate your birthday with fun dad.

I wish you more happiness and joy in the upcoming year father, may God give you a healthy life. Happy birthday!

Father, you are irreplaceable your position does not replace by anyone. Have a cheerful birthday!

Father, thank you for supporting me on my every decision you are my great strength. Cheerful birthday to you.

Your support is my strength I am nothing without you dad, you are the most admirable person in my life. Happy born day!

On this blissful day, I want to tell you my love for you is pure. Thank you for all effort that you have done for us. Glad birthday.

I am amazed to see you as a caring father, decent individual, and helping hand for the family. You are such a gentleman. Cheerful birthday.

Happy birthday greetings to the most caring, handsome, loving, and wise father. Delighted birthday to you!

Father, take some time from your busy life to enjoy and rest. It is important for your health. Have a blast birthday!

Loving happy birthday wishes for father

Thank you father for each advice and lesson you taught me. Now I realize how important it was. Have a great birthday ahead, I love you.

Today I want to thank my most loving, kind, and supportive daddy. Your love and kindness help me to behave as a better human. Love you and a delighted birthday!

Dad, you always there for me from the first day of my life, and you are very special to me. I love you more than anyone else. Happy birthday!

I know how much effort and to struggle you have done for us dad. May God gives you more blessings and happiness, you deserve it. Love you with the whole of my heart.

Upbeat birthday to my most amazing, reliable, supportive, loving, amazing, and tremendous father. You are the first love of my life.

Smile is a very important part of life dad; I always want to see your smiling face. Your smile is fabulous. Glad birthday to you.

Happy birthday to loving dad. I want to say that all the love we got from you is still felt, and I thank God every day for having a father like you.

No matter what I do for you, I can never be far enough to thank you for all your sacrifices and the love you gave us. Happy birthday, my superhero.

Happy birthday to the person who has a big heart of gold and a divine soul. You are an angel for us. Love you more and more father always.

Happy birthday, father may your all dreams come true like you make my dream true. Have a blissful birthday for you.

You know what on your birthday I proudly say to the world yes; I have the world’s best dad. And I love him lots. Happy birthday, my lovely dad.

I always want to be like you. You are a perfect example of love and care.  May this birthday fulfill your all wishes glad birthday to you!

Dad, you always made our bad time into good. I am here just because of you; I could do nothing without you. Dad happy birthday.

Thank you for your love and support upbeat birthday! I wonder how time flies and it is your 50th birthday, but you are still my hero dad.

All the time we have spent makes me delighted for the rest of my life. You are my moral support, dad. Love you always, father.

Happy birthday to the person I always look up to and wish to become. Love you father. You are my hero.

Happy birthday to the most adorable father in the world. Sometimes you behave like a child and looks too cute.

Happy birthday to the most fun-loving father, you always made my day special when I get upset. You have extraordinary qualities, father.

I love your act of kindness for others, and that character of you always inspires me. You are an influential person and a brilliant father. Cheerful birthday.

Father, please take care of yourself you are very important for us, just Like a tree cannot stand without root. Have a great birthday, dad.

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